Together with her mother Iris and her half-sister Rani, nine-year-old Bo moves to the countryside. Slightly bored in the new environment of fields and farms, the sisters look forward to the weekend when their fathers come to pick them up. Bo's father, however, doesn’t show up time and time again. While Rani spends the weekends at her dad’s, Bo often stays home alone. In the isolated landscape, she has to rely on herself and become more independent.




Director: Laura Van Haecke

Scenario: Laura Van Haecke

Script doctor: Una Kreso

Production: Serendipity Films

Camera: Pieter-Jan Claessens

Sound: Kwinten van Laethem

Editor: Lawrence Paul Foley



Bo Van Langenhove

Rani Van Langenhove

Natali Broods

Winnaar persprijs Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2020

International Short Film competitie Film Fest Gent 2020

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