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Short 23"

An extravagant mother searches for her daughter after a long time. In their view one similarity cannot be ignored: their infantile and dependent lifestyle.




Director: Aline Boyen

Director's assistent: Ichelle Messiaen

Scenario: Aline Boyen

Scriptdoctor: Una Kreso

Producer: Michiel Knops

Director of photography: Jannes de Leest
Camera assistent: Pouchka Wille

Electro: Tim Janssens

Art department: Laura Eyckmans, Anne Ballon

Editor: Geert Meeusen

Sound editor: Matijs Guypen

Color grader: Niels de Vos



Anemone Valcke

Marijke Pinoy

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Logo right.png


Leuven Kortfilmfestival 2017

Winnaar Humo Award

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